Thursday, February 11, 2010

PC Issues

My PC died! But I am back on track now with a new one. Sorry for the delay in writing! My mammogram was CLEAR yeah!! And I also went in for my second appointment with the oncologist. Again a full physical, as well as blood work, and a computer survey. Then I was sent home with orders for an Echo cardiogram, EKG, and two bottles of pills. I have no side effects to this point. Apparently one I was not watching for but should be is skin rash. So now I am also watching for that.

When I went for my mammogram the lady working the desk in the office told me that she was also a HER2 positive breast cancer survivor of 5 years. She, like me, had also taken herceptyn, and was very interested to hear there was a trial for another drug to follow it. I told her everything I knew, and wrote down all of the information I had on it. She was going to call her oncologist and see if she could also take part in the study. What a great feeling, first of all to meet someone that has been in my shoes, and is now healthy and strong, and then to be able to tell her about the new drug study that I am in and give her information that might help her to get involved. :0)

Hip Hip Hurray on the clean mammogram!

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