Monday, June 28, 2010

New Balance Rock & Tone

So I admit, I hated the new "rollie" shoes that are out on the market, and I snickered at the women I saw wearing them. I thought they were very dorky looking, and that it was another gimmick by shoe companies to sell more shoes.

Then I tried the New Balance Rock & Tone 1442s.

Wow! OK so they aren't exactly "cool" looking, but they make up for it in comfort. Here is my best description - they are squishy! So when you walk it's like they are moving you forward, which I don't know about you but it makes me want to walk more. New Balance was nice enough to send them to me for free since I attended the Fitness Blog Conference this spring, and I've been wearing them now for 3 weeks. I've worn them on concrete, on bricks, on gravel, and in stores, and all seem very comfortable (although I did notice I kept dragging the bottom on the bricks, maybe because the sole is so much thicker?). I am extremely picky on my footwear due to my diabetes, but these shoes have proven there worth! I've had no blisters, and no leg or foot pain.

They come in many different colors on line, and sell for about $88. Not bad for a shoe that just makes you want to go for a walk. So if your looking for something to help you get out there and get moving, I suggest trying these shoes. Or if your current shoes cause you discomfort then try these out!

New Balance Rock & Tone 1442s, "Indulge your wellness".

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