Monday, March 8, 2010

Wigs are Itchy!

A few weeks after my surgery I decided I should get a wig. A few people had told me to do it before my hair fell out, and this is good advise! So let me suggest that as the #1 tip for getting a wig, go shopping before your hair is gone. (For one thing you order it and it takes a few weeks to come in.) My #2 tip is to take a friend with you that you are 100% comfortable with, that has a great sense of humor, so she is not sitting there crying that you are going to loose your hair, but that is still honest enough with you to tell you "that looks fake".
I went to a great wig shop in Winchester with my long life friend Melissa. And we captured it all on film! Each one I modelled she gave feedback then took pictures. Then once home I looked at them all and showed them to family and friends to get some feedback. I enjoyed hearing what others had to say about them, and people loved seeing them all. As you can see, a haircut can really shape (or not shape!) your face.
I ended up buying two wigs from this shop about 2 weeks later. It was a month before I needed them, but I felt better knowing they were there. My insurance paid for one wig, and I paid for the other one. They cost about $100 each. I can recommend you do not get the cheaper ones. I never had any issues with movement or slippage, and I didn't find them very hot, but boy oh boy are they itchy!!
Enjoy the photo's courtesy of Melissa!

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