Thursday, March 4, 2010

Healthier Comfort Foods

I think in general, most people crave comfort foods. Especially when they are not feeling so great, a big bowl of mac & cheese, or some mashed potato's with butter on them sound better then anything healthy. But every body is made up of cells and these cells needs nutrients to survive. Chemo kills cancer cells as well as healthy cells. So now more then ever it's important to give your body what it needs to grow new healthy cells. The best way to do this is with whole wheat carbs and protein. So much of our body - from the cell level to your organs and your skin are directly impacted by what you eat. Even if it's just 90% of the time, if you can eat healthy foods your body will be better able to heal, and repair itself. Some easy changes you can make and still feel like you are getting somewhat of a comfort food - change to whole wheat bread, with fiber. You could also change out white pastas or white rice for whole wheat rossito or couscous. Some of the flavored rossito's and couscous's are very tasty and so much better for you. One of my go to meals during chemo was Parmesan rossito, grilled asparagus, and a grilled chicken breast. It has protein, fiber, vitamin's, and whole wheat carbs. If the mac and cheese really does make you feel better, then eat it. But if you still feel like crap after you eat it, then give some healthy dishes a chance and see the difference food can make!

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