Monday, March 1, 2010


The line I heard the most during chemo was "don't worry, it will get better". Oh boy did I get tired of hearing this! After so much time on chemo, and radiation I had gotten kinda used to the fatigue. The fatigue you have when you are going through this is like no other tiredness that I have felt, you sleep and you wake up just as tired. You eat and feel no more energy. You drink diet coke, and your alertness doesn't change.
But let me tell ya, now I feel like I have more energy then anyone else in the world! I feel so much better! Now that I know what really being worn out and tired feels like, I know that I feel fantastic! I can run 8 miles, then work a full day, walk to the grocery, and do some yoga, and still not feel close to as tired as I was every single day on chemo.
So, for all of you who told me it would get better, I'm here to report back that you were right. Now I have energy, and I know what it's like not to have it, which makes me both thankful for it as well as unwilling to take it for granted.

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