Friday, January 8, 2010

You don't get to pick....

So Monday when I went for my EKG the tech asked me why I was there, when I told her she looked shocked and said "You are way too young to have cancer!". Although so many people have said this to me, I still don't know the correct response to it.... "thank you"..."you're right!"..? So I just smiled at her, and she then told me about a woman she had seen that morning that was 40 and had a stroke. Then she looked at me and said "you just don't know what life is going to throw at you do you? It's so scary!". LOL. This might have to be my new motto. I ate good my whole life, I drank very little, I never smoked, I exercise every single day, and yet I still got cancer. A cancer that no one in my entire family has ever had. I followed all the rules, I did all the tips for not getting it. But, you don't get to pick. You don't have control. This is maybe one of the hardest things I've had to learn from cancer. Most days you just have to do what you can with what you are given, and never take any of it for granted, cause tomorrow it could also be gone. So here is my new motto, don't plan for tomorrow, live today.

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