Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's the right thing to say?

So I went to LA for work this week. I've worked at the same place for 11 years and with most of the same people for those years. I was open about my cancer, and although I was not in LA during my treatments most of my co-workers knew what was going on with me. This week was the first time I have seen anyone in LA since my diagnosis. Pre-cancer I had long blond hair. My hair fell out. It's growing back now, but it's still short. Anyway, when I would see people in the hall nearly everyone said "Jenny! You cut your hair!" which threw me off a bit. I didn't cut my hair. It fell out. It. Fell. Out. Every single piece of it. Over my entire body. So the question is what is the proper response? Do you remind them? One person went into great detail asking me why I would have wanted to cut my hair so short, and I did say "well, you know I have cancer, the chemo made it fall this is it growing back......not really a decision to cut my hair?" But then I felt bad for saying it so bluntly. What's the proper response?

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  1. i'd just say... thanks, and don't i look hot??:) or just look at it this way- you have grown so much as a person since your diagnosis... it's like your "rebirth" hair:)

    love ya babe!