Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drug Trail - Day ONE!

So today is day one for the trial of Neratinib. There was another full physical, more blood taken, and this time a questionnaire. Lots and lots of questions about everything from how I was feeling to if I felt I had good friends. (I rated my friends the most exceptional and most supportive!) I asked the nurse and doctor a ton of questions I had come up with at 2am when I was nervous about today and could not sleep. But the bottom line is, I have taken dose one. And so far I feel fine. I am nervous that I will have nausea for a solid year, and at the same time nervous that I won't because I am on the placebo and not getting any life saving drug in me at all. But that is the chance I have to take, that is the only option I have at this time. So now I must go update my logs, and schedule my next mammo and EKG.
BTW the dose is 6 pills, each day, for one solid year. The pills are small, they look kinda like advil. They have to be taken with food, but otherwise not many restrictions.

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