Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junk Food talks to me.....

So this past weekend I was dog sitting for a girlfriend. Since I live in a small townhouse in the city with no yard, I decided it would be easier to sit at her house, so Saturday morning Brad, Jake and I moved in for a few days. She has a great place, very homey, very comfortable, and I was happy to have a few days with a different place to enjoy. Until I saw the candy bowl. On the kitchen table was a giant Halloween size candy bowl full to the rim of bite size snickers, milky way and Reece's. Wait it gets worse...on the counter was a jar of peanut butter, there was another one in the fridge. Across the kitchen on the other counter was a container of sponge cake with a giant container of icing sitting on top of it. Everywhere I looked there was more. The bread drawer had at least 10 dark chocolate bars, along with some Debbie cakes and a kit kat. The freezer had ice cream, and giant slices of cake. I looked at Brad with panic across my face "We can't stay here! I can't do this!"

Junk food calls to me. Peanut butter calls my name, so does icing, and those little tiny cute chocolate bars in there little wrappers sing like in a chorus "Jenny....ohhhhh Jenny, we are here! We love you and we would taste sooooo good!" The only way I can be successful as a dieter is to not have any of these items in my house. When people come over for dinner or the weekend I make them take it home with them, and if they wont I immediately throw it away when they leave. If someone makes me take something home with me, I will throw it away before I get tempted to eat it all. Sometimes I will make Brad stop at a gas station on the way home so I can throw it away. I never take boxes home from a restaurant. So this is me admitting I have no secret "will power" where I can pass it up, I just have my own crazy ways of removing it from my life. But I have learned, that you figure out a way that works for you, and crazy as it may be you do it. I would rather enjoy one giant piece of great cake and eat every bite once a month, then snack on a bite size milky way or two every day. I can't eat just one and leave the rest, it sings to me till I eat them all. :0)

So what did I do at my dog sitting house? I taped the peanut butter jars shut with packing tape. I hid the giant candy bowl up high enough that I couldn't reach it, and didn't see it. I hid the frozen cake at the bottom of the freezer. And I took tinfoil and completely covered the whole bread drawer. A few times over the weekend the peanut butter calling me almost won me over, but I'm happy to say I made it without eating any of it. And now, today, I am back in the safe haven of my house which has no junk food calling my name.

Everyone is different. Robin can pass that candy bowl 14 times a day and never reach in. Louise can eat one section of a candy bar, or two bites of cake and leave the rest. It doesn't really matter how you stop eating the junk, it only matters that you do stop eating it.

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