Thursday, May 13, 2010

Collect something

My tip for today has nothing to do with physical health or food or exercise, it's more a mental health tip. Collect something.

When I was little my Mom and her Mom encouraged both my sister and me to collect something that was free. Jill collected place mats (restaurants used to use paper place mats on the tables) and I collected napkins. :0) Yes, ok, I can hear you laughing from here, but it was fun and I learned so much.

My collection grew to several hundred napkins. I have them from every restaurant you could think of, as well as party napkins, holiday napkins, and even from airlines. My grandmother brought me napkins from her travels to London, Germany, and France. My parents brought them back from Mexico, and the west coast. I can remember carrying them back with me from outings with my family, excited to add another one to my collection. LOL. But it taught me to notice the small things in life. Napkins are free, yet my collection brings me as much joy as someone else's highly valuable collection.

Yes, ok, I said brings. I still have it. :0) This is why I write this today. As most of you know I have downsized my living arrangement dramatically, and therefore I am trying to simplify. When I noticed the giant box marked "Napkin Collection" in storage a few weeks ago I felt bad for keeping it, but I just could not throw it away. So, we are using it! Maybe one of my best ideas, slowly Brad and I are working our way through years of memories as we use the napkins. Last night at dinner we had some pretty flowered party napkins, this morning's breakfast was dog's drinking martini's. It's fun, and it's a great way to relive some of my childhood memories. And think of all of the money I am saving not having to buy napkins!

Now I'm off to have some lunch, with a nice 25th Anniversary napkin from a 1976 party for Max and Edith. It's purple with silver writing. :0)

Collect something!

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