Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm a horrible relaxer. I've never been able to do it successfully. There is always something else I can think of that I "should" be doing. I never just sit. I never lay around in bed and watch TV. I can't remember taking a nap in the afternoon, or just doing absolutely nothing for more then 10 minutes.

I know this is one of my weaknesses, and I realize that it's unhealthy. So with this in my head I tried harder. Yep, I tried harder to learn how to relax. And I'm happy to say, I got better. LOL. Last week I was on vacation with my husband, niece and nephew at Smith Mountain Lake. We had beautiful weather, and a wonderful time. Instead of me organizing meals, and organizing outings, and planning each day - I just didn't. And shockingly the trip was amazing. We all ate whatever we wanted for dinner - even if it meant 4 different meals being cooked at the same time in one small kitchen (who cares?), we swam, we jet skiied, we tubed, we putt putted. I took time each morning to run or go to the Y and work out. Most mornings my niece went with me. One day when they were all going out on the boat and I didn't feel like it, I told them to go ahead and I just sat on the dock and read a book. Gasp! Never before have I done something like this. But what a difference it makes!

Instead of coming home feeling tired and drained and "needing a vacation from my vacation" I actually feel better, rested, and restored. And so I have learned late in life, that you don't have to organize everything all of the time. You don't always have to have a plan. And sometimes it's OK to say no, let the others go, and just do what you want.

Be true to yourself, and happiness will fill your life.

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