Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Minute Solutions Wii Game

When Shelley and I were at the bloggers conference a few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Smith, one of the fitness leaders in the 10 minute solution dvd's. She was warm, friendly, and very excited to tell us about her new Wii game coming out this summer. Shelley and I both have a wii, so we were excited to hear about new games coming out geared more for us. Yeah! We signed up, and to be honest I forgot about it.

Well, last week I got a free copy of the new game in the mail! How exciting!!! It's called the "10 minute cardio workout for a knock out body" and it's for use on the wii (made my nintendo.)

Here is the description:

10 Minute Solution is an exercise program for use with Wii. The software offers activities and workouts involving stretches, aerobics, and sports, broken into ten-minute routines. Most exercises make use of the Wii's motion-sensitive controllers to monitor the workout, and many of the activities are compatible with the Wii Balance Board, as well. Users can customize a in-game character and set-up their own personalized routines. The game also offers diet tips and suggestions for healthy lifestyle choices. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

When you go into the game you set up a profile, which only takes a few minutes, and then you can pick from a few different workouts. Mainly, one they have already set up for you, or you can pick which moves are your favorite and then tell it to give you only those moves. For both you can pick your scene - choices are things like Venice, a beach, or a gym. And you can also pick your music. Each time you start something new the game makes you practice or listen to an instructor as he tells you how to do the moves. (You can pick him too LOL) Then once you have mastered his moves you are released to play the game, and the instruction is only enforced the first time you go into it. You can also use the balance board with this game, which makes it interesting as it measures how you duck the punches as well as how you throw the punches (you use the numb chuck also).

So I've piled up the positive remarks because now I have to admit, I really didn't love it. Now, keep in mind, I don't play wii every day. I play when I'm around people who love to play, and I hardly ever win. My favorite game, and to date the only one I am any good at is the hula hoop. :0) So I could not get this one to work for me. I was throwing punches like a lunatic and ducking like there were bombs going off in my living room, and all I got over and over was my nice young trainer telling me "oh (sigh) try again" yes, he actually sigh's! So after 10 mins of this I was so frustrated I was ready to punch the TV and throw the numb chuck out the window. So in comes Brad to my rescue. And it did work for him. But not well. He managed to get the game to register his punches, so he advanced out of the training guide portion of the game and we were able to see some more of your options. The scenes are nice, but the music wasn't that great. It was all kinda corny dentist office music. I don't know about you but if I'm punching someone I want to hear some Eminem. LOL.

But in all fairness I know that I am not a good wii player, so I am going to pass this to my niece and nephew, who play wii for several hours each day and have mastered all controls and boards and remotes. And I will get back to you with a better review of this game once they've had a chance to show there Old Aunt Jenny how you are supposed to do it.

For now I will stick with hula hooping!! :0)

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