Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The rest of the story....

On a happier note, Brad and I have put a contract down on the perfect little house. It took me about 5 minutes of looking around to know it was where I wanted to live. It's everything I've always wanted in a house. It's 170 years old, it still has the original floors in most of the house, there is a window box out front, it's full of character, and the best part - it's orange. Yep, orange. We have no grass, and really very little yard work at all (I will not miss the Wisteria or the Ivy here! UG!) It's in what I consider to be a wonderful location, for me at least, one block to Safeway, one block to church, 6 blocks to the gym, 3 blocks to King Street (shopping and restaurants) and Brad's favorite - one short walk thru the tunnel to the water (Potomac River). Yep, an Orange house at the end of an old railroad tunnel - not sure if there could be a more perfect house for us. :0) We close near the end of Sept!

I knew all of this when I lost my job, which might be more of the reason for all the tears. The good news is I have a really great internal lead on a job that hopefully will pan out for me. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts!

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  1. Damn it!!!! You and Brad are the ones that stole my house!!!! I am very happy for you guys. It is a beautiful home and probably would have been tough with three little ones. I love it love it love it. Sarah and I will have to stay over one night just to pretend it is ours. Congrats on the potential job too. Life works out for the best.


    Your favorite cousin