Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Appointment

OK so the drug I am going to do the trial for is called Nertinib. Last week I went to my first appointment. I signed all of the paperwork, and then had a full exam by my oncologist. (Ladies, to include a pelvic exam, prepare yourself). Then I had a bunch of blood work. I also got my booklet of information, drug’s I can no longer take as well as food and beverages I cannot have – for example grapefruit juice, which I never drink, but now of course I crave. :0) The booklet contains two different diarrhea logs. Joy! Next up is a chest x-ray, EKG, and echocardio gram. Once all of these are approved ok then I can start on the drug. BTW, the drug company, not my insurance, is paying all of this. And all of it is done with privacy laws intact; to the drug people I am just a number. I’ve also signed paperwork to donate my tumor to science. To be honest I didn’t know they kept it. But they sure enough did, so now it’s been donated to scientist to test drugs on. I’m very excited to be helping in every way I can!

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